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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of learning is based upon ‘truths’ that enable the child to learn effectively. These guiding principles are as follows:

  • Child-led, Self-paced Learning

    Students establish their own learning goals with our learning facilitators.

  • Learn-Succeed-Exceed. REPEAT!

    A secure, positive environment for children facilitates learning. We keep faith in the child’s ability to triumph and ultimately, exceed expectations!

  • Children Discover their Passion and Purpose

    Our child-led learning process (or philosophy/pedagogy) facilitates your child’s journey of discovery, a key first step for life-long learning.

Mentoring children to be empowered learners

Our Fellows – Leading by Influence

When working on projects, children are encouraged to do the work of the world. Inviting experts who do that work in the world makes for a powerful learning experience for them. Leo’s Workshop engages ‘Fellows’ to come and interact with the children. These ‘Fellows’ are professionals who have made a mark in their respective fields –futurists, entrepreneurs, technologists, film-makers, artists, musicians, photographs, journalists, photo-journalists, leaders, and influencers of today.

Ali Azmat


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Khadijah Shah

Creative Director, ÉLAN

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