Academics - Leo’s Workshop

Ease of Learning for every Child

Approach to Learning

The learning trajectory that we adopt shapes young formative minds by enriching visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic skills. We allow the children to be – walk into Leo’s Workshop, and you see children sitting at tables or sitting knee-to-knee in small groups. They won’t be quiet, all eyes won’t be on the teacher, but they are being educated unconventionally. The chatter is rigorous, and the ideas free-flowing. They are facilitating their learning at their own individual pace as per their own capacity.

Agility and Adaptability in Exploration

Design Technology Lab

At Leo’s Workshop, we have a dedicated space where children have access to advanced educational technology. Our design technology lab is a space where children interact with hardware and software to engage in problem-solving. This digital lab acts as the ideal space for the artist, innovator, thinker, inquirer, scientist and even the philosopher in every growing child.

Leo’s Workshop features laser cutters, 3D printers, carpentry stations, robotics, AI, coding and gaming stations, video cameras, news reporting station in their design technology lab. It is well equipped to facilitate exploration and inquiry with cutting edge technology. Facilitators at Leo’s Workshop encourage children to develop their technology innovations that make learning more enjoyable.

Imagination and Curiosity that adds Insight

Learning Methodology

Project Based Learning (PBL) is a pedagogical approach which develops skills and knowledge by facilitating inquiry into real-world challenges for an extended period of time. The children are encouraged to research and collaborate on authentic and engaging projects that are contextual and solution-oriented. Leo’s Workshop has facilitators who promote self-learning and retain knowledge that leads to self-actualisation. The PBL approach at Leo’s Workshop is designed to nurture in your child an avid interest in life-long learning, social awareness, empathy, critical thinking and decision making.

To help ensure children are engaging in quality Project Based Learning, Leo’s Workshop has built its learning methodology on the research-based model that PBL recommends for “Gold Standard PBL”.

Leading by influence

Extracurricular Activities

The extracurricular activities complement and seamlessly integrate with the learning approach at Leo’s Workshop. Extracurricular activities at Leo’s Workshop are designed to maximise participation and inclusion. Arts and sports contribute to improved self-esteem and motivation of all learners and may have a significant positive impact on students with learning difficulties.

Leo’s Workshop engages ‘Fellows’ to come and interact with the children. This recurrent feature encourages students to engage with successful professionals and learn through their mentorship on projects. These ‘Fellows’ are professionals who have made a mark in their respective fields –futurists, entrepreneurs, technologists, film-makers, artists, musicians, photographs, journalists, photo-journalists, leaders, and influencers of today.

Open Collaboration across Networks

Our Studios

We are creating a school of tomorrow with open, collaborative spaces that inspire the students to extend their inquiry and dig deeper. Our studios act as the ideal space for the artist, innovator, thinker, inquirer, scientist and even the philosopher in every growing child. They complement the learning approach with maximised participation and inclusion, improving self-esteem and motivation of all children. Additionally, they create a platform for interdisciplinary teaching and learning by integrating mathematics with music, science with art, economics and entrepreneurship to prepare them for the future.

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Our studios provide a conducive environment for learners to unleash their creative energy beyond the classroom:-

Maker’s Studio features 3D printers, laser cutters, carpentry stations, robotics, AI, coding equipment et cetera invigorating our STEAM programme and providing students with the skills they need to thrive in their future careers, from technical skills to critical thinking, ­problem-solving, creativity, communication and collaboration.

Nūr is the media centre of the school, it provides for a unique technology-driven curriculum rarely found in a K-5 school. The media centre offers students and faculty a variety of state-of-the-art digital resources, including video, music, photography, graphic design and web design capabilities, which they can integrate into educational projects and curriculum.

Nusrat is our music studio, which provides a progressive spiral of learning with all the interactive resources a child may need. Children sing, play, improvise, compose, perform and mix.

Food for Thought is our fully functional café that is operated by the children for the children. This is where the children learn about nutrition, food and agriculture, and world cuisines.