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The Future of Education

Leo’s Workshop
A Future School by TNS Beaconhouse

Leo’s Workshop reinvents your child’s learning experience by personalising instruction for your child. We offer 21st century learning that is future-oriented, mixed-aged, and multidisciplinary. It is authentically child-led and emergent. The model of blended learning that we adopt at Leo’s Workshop. Inspired by the polymath Leonardo da Vinci, widely known for being futuristic and diverse in his ingenuity, Leo’s Workshop focuses on the model of blending.

Leo’s Workshop offers an alternative approach to learning that focuses on personalised instruction for your child’s needs. We prepare children for the professional landscape that is evolving by instilling 21st century skills into them. These children are encouraged to question, analyse and critically think for themselves. We offer customized learning that invariably breeds confidence and leadership qualities. At Leo’s Workshop children are not placed into standardised cohorts; our education philosophy and operating model allows children to individually co-construct their learning progression with our facilitator.

Leo’s Workshop is an easy venue for experimentation. We facilitate future-oriented, mixed-aged, interdisciplinary, self-guided and personalized 21st century learning. It is authentically child-led and emergent.