Approach to Learning - Leo’s Workshop

Ease of Learning for every Child

Approach to Learning

Leo’s Workshop educates children by immersing them in exploration. The learning trajectory that we adopt focuses on the development of the young mind by encouraging them to ask insightful questions. We shape young formative minds to analyse problems, imagine new solutions and communicate confidently.

We allow the children to be – walk into Leo’s Workshop and you will see children sitting at tables or sitting knee-to-knee in small groups. They won’t be quiet, all eyes won’t be on the teacher, but they are being educated in an unconventional manner. The chatter is rigorous and the ideas free flowing. They are facilitating their own learning at their own individual pace as per their own capacity.

At Leo’s Workshop we will train mixed-age groups where the curriculum is infused into projects that simultaneously span numerous disciplines. Our multidisciplinary approach to learning engages children in various ways so that their abilities can be enhanced at numerous levels which enrich visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic skills.