Pursuit of Continuous Learning - Leo’s Workshop

Pursuit of Continuous Learning

Leo’s Workshop Philosophy
Education Immersed in Exploration

Our philosophy of learning is based upon ‘truths’ that enable the child to learn effectively.  These guiding principles are as follows:

1. Multidisciplinary, Project-based Learning

Children, from a young age, experience how to integrate learnings in their projects from multiple disciplines to understand and resolve complex real-world issues.  Students engage with renowned professionals in the mentorship of projects.

2. Children Discover their Passion and Purpose

Our child-led, transformative learning process facilitates your child’s journey of discovery, a key first step in becoming a successful life-long learner.

3. Child-led, Self-paced Learning

Students establish their own learning goals with our learning facilitators.

4. Try-Fail-Learn-REPEAT

We provide a secure, positive environment for children to try, fail and try again in their transformative learning journey. We keep faith in the child’s ability to triumph ultimately.

5. Children Will Create an Unimagined Future

We value the importance of inculcating leadership qualities.  At Leo’s Workshop, we facilitate your child’s ability to inspire others by effectively communicating ideas and develop decision-making skills.