Upper Primary - Leo’s Workshop

Ability to Access and Analyse Information Critically

Upper Primary

Children as Thinkers is the most important skill in fostering the development that enables children to be engaged and create dispositions such as curiosity, persistence, flexibility, reflectiveness, and a collaborative outlook to problem-solving. By upper primary, children will be trained to make critical decisions, have a voice and choice in their learning and be able to communicate these choices and decisions in a logical and cohesive manner. This level includes Years 3, 4 and 5 and it is called the ‘THINKERS’. Our aim is to scaffold the child’s mind in such a way that they have a natural thirst for acquiring knowledge and more importantly an ability to apply knowledge. Children are encouraged to become globally aware, culturally sensitive, and open-minded citizens who celebrate the fact that they attend a school with a diversity of cultures and beliefs. They are also encouraged to become balanced individuals with a wide range of sporting, artistic, academic, and cultural interests. There are multiple opportunities for each child to express their individuality academically and non academically