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Daniyal Noorani

Daniyal Noorani is a serial entrepreneur working to create businesses that have a social impact. He is the founder of Wakhra Studios, a boutique marketing agency that works with brands such as Hush Puppies, Pakistan Cables and Coke. He is the creator of Quaid Say Baatein, one of Pakistan's most beloved children's show which has received more than 80 million views till date. Quaid Say Baatein was designed to instill positive civics and develop critical thinking abilities within children and has been used by schools throughout the country as a teaching tool. Most recently he has launched a children’s publishing house by the name of HalaGula that is creating Pakistan’s first interactive Urdu Board books to help improve Urdu language skills.

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Ali Azmat

Pakistani rock icon Ali Azmat began his career as lead singer for the iconic Pakistani rock band Junoon (dubbed the U2 of South Asia by the New York Times). A solo artist since 2003, he is now reinventing the South Asian music scene, exhilarating audiences everywhere with his passionate and poetic fusion of east/west musical traditions. Born in Pakistan, Ali began singing professionally when he was very young. He was only seventeen when, his original song, “Dosti,” propelled him to stardom. Dosti means “friendship,” and in 1999 Junoon was invited to India by the Indian Prime Minister, to sing “Dosti” as a gesture of peace between India and Pakistan. In October 2001, he sang it again, this time on the floor of the United Nations. To further explore what he does, visit https://www.aliazmat.com/.

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Khadijah Shah

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Khadijah Shah is the creative force behind ÉLAN FACON; a company that houses luxury brand Élan and upcoming high street retail brand Zaha. Khadijah inherited her passion for design at an early age and after completing her BSc with honors at the London School of Economics, she returned to Pakistan and started setting up the View Full →

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Musharraf Farooqi

Musharraf Farooqi is an author, translator, and storyteller. The Merman and the Book of Power⁠—written in the qissa genre that originated in the oral works of literature of Urdu, Persian and Arabic⁠—is his latest work. He is working on establishing an Urdu language publishing program specialising in children's literature and classics and was greatly lauded for Tik-Tik, The Master of Time. He founded the publishing house Kitab (2012), launched the online Urdu Thesaurus (2016), and designed the interactive storytelling and activity-based learning program Storykit (2016) as three segments of this project. He is a Fellow of Harvard University South Asia Institute. To further explore what he does, visit https://www.micromaf.com/.

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Omar Hassan

Omar Hassan, an Associate Professor at Beaconhouse National University, is the founding member for Foundation for Promotion of Academic Collaboration (FPAC) that has been set up in collaboration with Dr Pintsch and it strives to achieve a sense of camaraderie amongst Architectural Educators and Practitioners to see if one can benefit the other. He has worked as an architect on an array of projects in the educational sector such as the Gymboree centre, Beaconhouse-Newlands Campus. He was also the Principal Architect for the Coca Cola Headquarter Building in Lahore. Explore the work he does, http://www.oha-designworks.com/.

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Omar Gilani

Omar Gilani is a concept artist, illustrator, and art director, originally from Peshawar, Pakistan. He was trained as an Engineer, with an MSc in Mechanical Design and an MPhil in Robotics, but transitioned into a career more aligned with his interests in the arts. He has worked as a visual designer and art consultant in a variety of fields, including corporate design, mobile games & apps, animated TV series, and product marketing campaigns, with clients like Disney, Dreamworks, British Council, Save the Children, and the United Nations, among others. He is also a new media fine artist, exploring art and design across emerging media like virtual reality, augmented reality, and projection mapping. He uses art to explore themes of identity, culture, and futurism, particularly pertaining to South Asian culture and heritage. To further explore what he does, visit http://www.omargilani.com/.

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